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Version Avada 7.2 Nulled – December 15th, 2020

– NEW: The WooCommerce single product builder, allowing fully custom products
– NEW: Added Avada custom swatches for WooCommerce variable products: colors, images, buttons
– NEW: WooCommerce Add To Cart element, with dozens of options for price, stock, variations, buy buttons, etc.
– NEW: WooCommerce Product Images element, with gallery width control, preview thumbnails position, and column amount settings
– NEW: WooCommerce Short Description element
– NEW: WooCommerce Tabs element
– NEW: WooCommerce Additional Information element
– NEW: WooCommerce Rating element
– NEW: WooCommerce Reviews element
– NEW: WooCommerce Stock element
– NEW: WooCommerce Related Products element
– NEW: WooCommerce Up-sells element
– NEW: WooCommerce Notices element
– NEW: Additions to the Meta element for WooCommerce related data like SKU
– NEW: Added 9 Global Options to style WooCommerce sale badges (shape, border options, BG color, text color, font-size, contents)
– NEW: Added a Global Option to set the size of WooCommerce product images gallery thumbnails
– NEW: Added options for sale and out of stock badges and offset to the WooCommerce carousel elements
– NEW: WooCommerce product archives now use the responsive column breakpoints to gracefully reduce column amount according to available space
– NEW: Added 8 new section separator styles plus height and repeat settings
– NEW: Added several options to Social Sharing elements, like margin, padding, border, color, etc.
– NEW: Added several options to the Pagination element including preview images, a sticky mode, and taxonomy term settings
– NEW: Gallery and image carousel elements now supports dynamic data feed, so that ACF galleries, Woo product images, and featured images can be used
– NEW: 9 prebuilt layouts, including 4 product pages, 3 blog posts, and 2 portfolio posts
– NEW: Added Reading Time and Word Count options to the Meta element
– NEW: Added a Menu Option to turn on/off the cart counter in the special cart menu element if cart is empty
– NEW: Favicon set in Global Options will now also display in admin area
– NEW: Layout Section elements can now be disabled in the Builder options
– NEW: Compatibility with Events Calendar 5.3
– NEW: Compatibility with PHP 8.0
– PERFORMANCE: Changed JS compiler, so that element relevant scripts will only be loaded, if element is used on a page
– PERFORMANCE: Added Global Option to preload key fonts (icon fonts, Google fonts)
– PERFORMANCE: Added Global Options to disable Portfolio and FAQ post types
– PERFORMANCE: Made sure that only Avada Flexslider script is loaded, when WooCommerce is active
– IMPROVEMENT: If search is set to only display WooCommerce products, the product layout will now be used for results
– IMPROVEMENT: Color palette pickers in Global Options now allowing alpha channel
– IMPROVEMENT: Avada Core and Avada Builder plugins show an info note now when product is not registered
– UPDATED: reCAPTCHA library now running on version 1.2.4
– UPDATED: Flexslider script now running on version 2.7.2
– UPDATED: Facebook SDK version to 8.0
– UPDATED: Removed Mixer social icon, as the network no longer exists
– FIXED: Extra closing “>” for the read more tag in the Blog archives
– FIXED: Saving empty Font Awesome multi-select in Global Options not correctly working
– FIXED: jQuery “ready” event being double triggered because of conflict with WP’s jQuery migrate library
– FIXED: Featured image width being wrong, when set in percentage values in Page Options
– FIXED: Self-hosted video in Avada Slider being incorrectly positioned when using parallax mode and side header
– FIXED: WooCommerce single product pages content width being incorrect when using the Page Option setting
– FIXED: Plugin names in the prebuilt websites importer dialog still being Fusion Core and Fusion Builder
– FIXED: Not all needed Global Options auto-updating on changing pre-defined color scheme
– FIXED: Convert Plus plugin activation not working correctly from the prebuilt websites install modal
– FIXED: Privacy consent not working correctly on embedded iframes on single Portfolio posts
– FIXED: Avada Slider keeps auto-playing after touch advance on mobiles
– FIXED: Avada Slider metadata being wrong when slider is used in a content layout section
– FIXED: Avada Slider sometimes displaying empty slides, when using slide animation and full-screen mode
– FIXED: When image lazy loading is enabled the feed page will use placeholder images
– FIXED: Avada Live “Exit to Dashboard” toolbar link not working for non-admin users
– FIXED: Text flickering in Title element when using rotating titles in Chrome on Windows 10
– FIXED: Doubled up icons on Events Calendar pages, when using Events Calendar 5.3+
– FIXED: Events list widget of Events Calendar 5.3+ plugin not displaying when using Widget element
– FIXED: Images not loading in Blog element masonry layout when image lazy loading is disabled
– FIXED: Global elements not translatable with WPML when logged out
– FIXED: Bulk actions not working in Avada form table
– FIXED: Form subject fields being incorrectly encoded in submission email in Cyrillic languages
– FIXED: Date picker popup being behind modal when using Avada form within the Modal element
– FIXED: reCAPTCHA element not working correctly when several forms use it on the same page
– FIXED: reCAPTCHA form element using audio instead of text challenge by default when using V2
– FIXED: Some for inputs not having associated labels
– FIXED: Option values in Submit element for border size and radius can’t be changed
– FIXED: Widths of containers below a container that is set to draft being wrong on some setups
– FIXED: Live search overlay not being removed correctly when search input gets deleted
– FIXED: Redirection URL in Login element strips out spaces, creating issues for some setups
– FIXED: Select icon in select field not using the set input text color
– FIXED: Flyout menu not auto-closing, when clicking on an anchor link in Menu element
– FIXED: Cart icons of the menu cart contents being wrongly positioned in flyout menu in Menu element
– FIXED: Menu element margin not being auto-removed on last menu item, which leads to positioning issue
– FIXED: Drop-down menu item active background and text color not correct in cases of hierarchical parents in Menu element
– FIXED: Lottie element size issues in Safari
– FIXED: Alignment option in Lottie element not working for medium and small sizes when a max-width is set
– FIXED: Email link in Social Links element not opening in new tab
– FIXED: PHP notice in template builder class on the blog front page
– FIXED: Media Slider element height being incorrect in some cases and throwing PHP notice if a slide is empty
– FIXED: PHP notice in Image Before & After element, if one of the 2 images is not set
– FIXED: Custom footer layout having styling issues (headings, social icons) on Events Calendar pages
– FIXED: Fatal error happening on using tags in the Meta element when a third party plugin alters the get_the_tag_list() return type
– FIXED: Compatibility issue with PrivateContent plugin and Avada’s Layout Builder
– FIXED: Compatibility issue with Download Manager plugin and Avada’s Layout Builder
– FIXED: Compatibility issue with Members plugin and Avada’s Layout Builder
– FIXED: Compatibility issue on search results page YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search Premium plugin
– FIXED: Compatibility issue, where some plugins cause a PHP notice in function fusion_app_get_permalink()
– FIXED: Compatibility issue between WooCommerce Terms & Conditions page and layout sections
– FIXED: PHP notice on saving an Avada form when YOAST SEO is active
– FIXED: PHP issue in Tabs element in backend editor, when Yoast SEO’s page analysis tool is active
– FIXED: Clicking update on Custom Icon Set screen creating a new directory
– FIXED: Custom icons not available in backend editor on an unpublished page
– FIXED: Infinite scroll being broken with the use of Archive element
– FIXED: Sticky sidebars not working for logged out users
– FIXED: Title element spacing between text and separator missing when using div tag
– FIXED: 404 and Search page layouts sharing same CSS cache ID, leading to incorrect CSS output
– FIXED: JS error on removing conditions from layouts after using the post search
– FIXED: ID collision between Avada 7.2 Nulled Form and layout section, when both are used on same page, leading to layout issues
– FIXED: Font family options using italic not being correctly set
– FIXED: “Edit Live” link in WP admin bar linking to homepage when editing a layout section
– FIXED: Testimonial element background being off on WordPress 5.6
– FIXED: Sticky containers not working correctly in WordPress 5.6
– FIXED: Font family changes being off in Avada 7.2 Nulled Live Builder in WordPress 5.6
– FIXED: Display issue in Avada Live Builder when using the anchor name option in Container element
– FIXED: Cloning of Nested Columns element in Avada Live Builder changing the column width
– FIXED: Blog element masonry layout having re-render issues in Avada 7.2 Nulled Live Builder
– FIXED: Images not displaying correctly for Gallery element in masonry mode in Avada Live Builder
– FIXED: “Avada Form” link being doubled in the “New” menu in toolbar of Avada Live Builder
– FIXED: Links added to Image element leading to loading of the linked page in wrong frame in Avada Live Builder
– FIXED: Small display issue in warning dialog in the Avada 7.2 Nulled Live Builder
avada 7.2 nulled

The Avada 7.2 Nulled WooCommerce Builder

Say hello to Avada 7.2 nulled, the follow on update from version 7.1, 7.0, 6.2, 6.1, and 6.0, which formulates our vision for the future of designing and building websites with WordPress and Avada 7.2 Nulled.

The Avada Website Builder is feature-packed with a vast array of tools and style options that will complete your toolkit, ready to take on any project. Build any website layout to suit your business needs from the header down to the footer; And that includes showcasing your online products. Setting up an online store with Avada and WooCommerce has never been easier, especially single product page layouts.Avada 7.2 Nulled

12 WooCommerce Layout Elements

With the Avada 7.2 nulled WooCommerce Builder, you can design stunning single product page layouts without any coding knowledge required. Avada gives you the ability decide what product information is important to your customers, and using the provided WooCommerce Layout Elements, design successful call-to-action sales pages. Each WooCommerce Layout Element is flexible, filled with tons of styling options, and can be placed anywhere you need them on a product page. No coding knowledge is required! avada 7.2 nulled.

Demo Avada 7.2 Nulled Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

View Demo avada 7.2 nulled

Download Avada 7.2 Nulled Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Download avada 7.2 nulled

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