Elementor 3.0.11

is a important version and have some substantial infrastructure changes.
Before developer or User upgrade to v3.0.11, then make sure you’ve backup your exsisting website, and if you’re user of any 3rd party addon for Elementor, please make sure, it has all compatibility for Elementor 3.0v. Check the changelog  of 3rd party addon’s for any notes that indicate they’ve made it compatible or speak with the addon’s support channel if uncertain.

Majour Update:

they’ve released a new version (Elementor Core 3.0.11), with fixes that include:

  • Tweak: Added “Loading” state for Global controls to reflect data loading state
  • Fix: Inaccurate height in Divider widget
  • Fix: Global Colors and Fonts are not being generated on non Elementor pages
  • Fix: Inactive “Delicious” social network from Social Icons widget
  • Fix: Can’t restore the Site Settings document revisions
  • Fix: Creating a new Global Color or Font won’t reflect in other dropdowns until the controls section init
  • Fix: Selecting a new Global Color or Font won’t be indicated in the dropdown until the controls section init

Elementor 3.0.11



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